KartForce is a truly inspirational project with the goal of providing injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences.  KartForce was set up to provide our injured troops with the opportunity of enjoying action packed experiences of kart racing, something they never thought they could do again.

KartForce has designed a set of hand controls that can be fitted to any kart, quickly and easily, thus enabling our injured troops to participate in karting on a near level playing field. KartForce sets up casual tester-days at tracks all over the UK so injured troops in these areas can come along and try out karting with hand controls for the first time. These injured troops can then keep going back to their local tracks to enjoy karting with their family and friends. Individuals who show promise and want to pursue karting more competitively are also given the opportunity to join a team and compete in competitions and events.

One of the most important aspects of KartForce is that it provides a lasting legacy. Having established the concept, and obtained the hardware required to run events, the ambition is to roll out a series of smaller events at a variety of kart venues around the UK, indoor and outdoor, all year round. This will allow as many troops as possible to enjoy the adrenalin rush, challenge, and personal achievement of driving karts.

As KartForce is rolled out and becomes established as a regular activity for injured troops future developments include the setting up of international events with organisations for injured troops from around the world.

In parallel to this, KartForce also has an agenda to provide a lasting legacy for disabled individuals whereby the event concept and infrastructure is retained at kart circuits around the UK.

The driving force behind Kartforce is Dave Player, having served with the Royal Engineers, Dave has been a wheelchair user since 1991 after suffering a spinal cord injury. His has a successful track record of setting up of various wheelchair activities including annual wheelchair basketball tournaments, European handcycling championship and European Paralympic Powerlifting Championships.

Team Army is delighted to support KartForce and if you would like to find out more about their work and achievements, why not visit their Facebook page here or alternatively drive over to their website and check it out here.