150+ mph down the home straight and then drifting a 2-wheeled racing bike round paddock hill bend might not be everybody’s cup of tea but then you also do not get the adrenalin rush a bike racer gets! A more dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of riders and pit crew you could not hope to find as the Army’s Endurance Team compete in the national championships.

The 25th September saw the penultimate round of the championships take place at Brands Hatch in Kent with 8 bikes entered as 4 teams in the 3-hour endurance race. Capt Peter ‘Pep’ Brown and Sgt Richard ‘Spence’ Spencer-Fleet led the charge in the frenetic activity as bikes came in to be swapped, fuelled, tyres changed and sent out again in a field of over 30, 600 – 1,000cc bikes. All 4 teams completed safely with the Spencer and Pep team vying for a podium place coming 4th in class but up against virtual ‘factory’ bikes. A highly credible and gutsy performance by all; certainly an impressive spectacle.

Each rider commits a fantastic amount of their personal time and money in order to have a bike ready for the grid but then, like any motorsport it is an expensive activity and that is before any unfortunate mishap which can put the bike back into an expensive rebuild on the kitchen table. Team Army is delighted to be able to help with Revision Military and Supacat as sponsors to complement the Sports Board funding to defray some costs and enable soldiers to compete in such a challenging sport. The Endurance Bikers form just one of several motorsport disciplines as part of the British Army Motorsport Association (BAMA).

It is perhaps not surprising that many of the riders are from the REME but it is an eclectic group that make up the wonderful team spirit — especially Lorraine who has taken it upon herself to look after crew feeding. The army not only marches on its stomach but rides too!

It is good to see that such sporting challenges continue to be available for soldiers, and where teamwork, courage, excitement and enthusiasm is so evident. It is also good to see we can make a difference.

Good luck in the last round from all at Team Army!


Image Captions:
Scrolling news image – WO2 Wayne Morgan PWRR takes bike No 8 through Druids hairpin.

Eight bikes, riders and pit crew celebrate the end of the 3-hour race.

Cpl Jason Cooper, Royal signals and WO2 Iain Rowatt REME doing wheel change.

When things go horribly wrong. Pushing broken bike is Mr Tobias George ex RLC.