What a journey it’s been over the last six years! Team Army is really excited to announce that we have reached a huge milestone in funding Forces sport with now over £5m distributed to our serving men and women.

Hundreds of individuals and teams participating in a huge array of diverse sports and activities have benefitted from this valuable, non-public funding stream delivered through Team Army thanks to the many supporting industry partners. This funding has not only helped produce some great athletes but has also helped add to the quantity, quality and fun of sport with its positive contribution to morale, operational effectiveness, recruitment and retention.

Sponsorship of Team Army/Team Ethos provides a unique and highly valuable business opportunity to raise profile, brand awareness and forge valuable relationships, trust and understanding with all levels of stakeholder in the defence sector. With a passion for sport and sharing the same values, the Team Army members are proud of the association and ability to actively support and engage with the armed forces.

30 January 2017 - The Army ski championship's downhill race on the Luc Alphond piste in Serre Chevalier. ©Laura Dale +44 (0) 7917152382 www.laurajanedale.com

Army Alpine Championships 2017 – www.laurajanedale.com

Choosing whether to support Army, Navy and/or UK Armed Forces sports is influenced by a number of factors including company and personal interests, but principally where best it aligns with delivering business objectives. We currently have over 40 loyal sponsors on the team that creates opportunities for wide-ranging B-2-B engagement, whilst ensuring of collective funding commitment to our serving men and women.

Of course we cannot claim all the credit for this wonderful sporting activity and success. As well as our loyal group of sponsors and supporters, we are equally grateful to the chain of command who play their part, sports officials and a fair dollop of enthusiasm – but it’s good to know that our £5m has certainly played a vital part in the equation.

On behalf of our sportsmen and women, a huge thank you to our Team Ethos/Team Army sponsors.


Team Army & Team Ethos are endorsed by the Ministry of Defence. We work in partnership with the Army Sport Control Board.

Published: 7 August 2017