Although not threatened with the Beast from the East, it was hardly a warm balmy day on Salisbury Plain as the horses and riders again formed up for the annual Point to Point racing at Larkhill on 18th February.  However, it was warm enough and the racing this year seemed to attract a stronger field than ever with a substantial number of spectators to cheer on the the military riders. This is partly a result of the sponsorship Team Ethos has now brought to the event which is always enjoyed by a broad cross section for the three services.  Those with an eye for the winners or some great luck went home in credit, most of us did not! But, whether a winner or loser, the racing was good, the hospitality was great and it turned out to be a cracking event on the Plain for many to enjoy.  Thank you the sponsors that allowed it to take place in such excellent style.

From your Roving Reporter – Tim Wakefield


Michael Bateman from Mercedes Benz presents the winner’s spoils for the Mercedes Benz sponsored race

Liz Wakefield on behalf of Team Ethos does the honours for Race two sponsored by Ethos

Nic Whitney from Boeing presents the winner’s spoils for the Boeing sponsored race and finally Michael Bateman does the same for Mercedes Benz