24 Teams were originally entered for this 2 day TEAM Army Captains’ & Subalterns’ Tournament at TPC over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd July. Ground pressure and the weather meant the tournament director and team from the TPC reduced that to 19 and some matches to 3 chukkas to ease the pony providers concerns. Polo started at 10 every day with the Finals on the Sunday at 5 PM. All ponies were sound and hirers content after some excellent polo at all levels. Jess and Chris Andrews and their excellent organisation somehow coordinated the two 2 days to time and the Final was as exciting as ever with the KIngs Royal Hussars(KRH) bowing to the superior Queens Royal Hussars(QRH) by 3 goals to 7.

This is the largest single weekend Polo Tournament anywhere in UK and we could not have held it without Team Army’s support. Thank you and the sponsor team very much indeed.

credit: Peter Meade photography


Division 1: Played over 2 days with 3 chukkas per day. A pulsating encounter with 4 members of the HACKETT Army Team spread in both teams. The first day of 3 chukkas saw the KRH hold the seemigly superior QRH team with some strong play by Paddy Selfe and despite going behind at the end of the 3rd the KRH with Alex Walch playing well above his handicap the momentum was with them. The second day saw a difference with the QRH who marked Paddy Selfe out and with Johnny Sleeman combining well with Jamie Fry they crept further ahead in the 5th by 5 goals to 3. Both teams had settled and some bad luck by Walch saw him go wide and with Max Morant finding his range having been away for 4 years the QRH won the final in front of a large crowd by 7 to 3. Alex Walch won the Ledger MVP Cup for consistent skill over the 2 days.

The Kings Royal Hussars: Runners Up 3
1. Capt Alex Walch -1 – The ‘Ledger’ MVP Cup for the best player at handicap over the 2 days
2. Capt Oscar Churton -1
3. Capt George Walker 0
4. Capt Paddy Selfe 1

Queens Royal Hussars : Winners 7
1. Tpr Christian Baker -2
2. Capt Max Morant -2
3. Lt Johnny Sleeman +2
4. Lt Jamie Fry +1

Other results:

Division 2:
1. The Royal Yeomanry – won on penalties
2. The Light Dragoons
3. The AGC
4. The Army Reserves

Division 3:
1. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
2. The Royal Air Force
3. The Royal Navy
4. The Royal Logistic Corps

Division 4:
1. The Royal Artillery
2. The Royal Dragoon Guards
3. The HAC
4. The Household Cavalry

Division 5:
1. The Army Medical Services
2. Scottish and NI Yeomanry
3. H4H Team Phoenix
4. The Queens Own Yeomanry