Week 1 – Crossing Antarctica, A 1000 miles alone

Right now Capt Lou Rudd MBE is attempting to become the first person in history to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica, unsupported and unassisted. He will travel for 70 days over a distance of 1,500km, from Messner to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole.

Team Army is proud to be sponsoring Lou on this record breaking quest. This is the first week of the expedition in his own words:

Nov 3rd‘Really surreal moment to be stood there after all this time; planning preparing, training. To be finally at the start point was an incredible moment, and I owe so much to so many people, helping me to get to this point. So then I said farewell to the pilot and the plane taxied, and I just stood and watched it disappear into a little black speck in the distance. And then complete silence. It really was a deafening silence and it was really eerie.’

Nov 4th – Lou wakes to a day of good conditions. Temperatures waver around -20C and there’s little wind and plenty of sunlight. Lou then spends the day locked in battle with a loaded pulk and light sastrugi …

Nov 5th – Lou completed eight hours skiing today and bolted on an extra hour as he builds up his days. He achieved 11 nautical miles and has now firmly hit Polar travel mode. No overheating issues yesterday.

Nov 6th – Another good day in Antarctica. Lou begins the first hard climbs and makes 11.5 nautical miles. Stiff breeze hangs around -25C. Clear sunshine and good visibility. Lou has been able to use his shadow as a guide and take a break from long periods of compass staring…

Nov 7th – The music is on and Lou is now skiing under cleared skies (at least for the morning) with temperatures hovering around -20C and light wind. Lou makes 12.5 nautical miles, grapples with light sastrugi and gets his first good laugh of the journey…

Nov 8th – Day 6 in Antarctica. American Colin O’Brady appears on Lou’s tail and a level race, backed by the 80s music in Lou’s headphones, ensues across the ice. After 11 hours and 15.4 nautical miles Lou pitches his tent for the night…

Nov 9th – Day 7 in Antarctica. Lou and Colin restart their separate solo journeys as near whiteout conditions descend on the glacier. Lou makes 14 nautical miles with the biography of Winston Churchill playing in his ears… >> READ MORE

Expedition Facts

When: 1 Nov 18 to late Jan 19

Total Distance: 1,500km

Duration: 75 days

Hauling 140kg of food and equipment

No Resupplies/wind/ vehicle assistance/ outside help

Avg Temp: -30c

Calories: 6,000 per day


PRE-EXPEDITION LOGS – https://shackletonlondon.com/blogs/pre-expedition