True Heroes Racing is the UK’s First and Only Motorcycle race team set up to offer unique opportunities for Wounded, Injured & Sick UK Service personnel and Veterans. It was formed in 2012 by a serving member of the Royal Navy after he returned from operations in Afghanistan and wanted to do more for those who had been injured. With the support of sponsors and the wider general public the team has grown year on year, enabling more and more opportunities to be offered. Competing at the top level within the UK at the British Superbike Championships enables the message of inspiration promoted by True Heroes Racing to be seen firsthand by the widest audience, with upwards of 30,000 fans attending each race weekend, along with a worldwide television audience. It also provides the opportunity to host patience and staff from local Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centres close to the race circuits at the events providing an opportunity to be inspired by the achievements of the True Heroes Racing members, as well as a unique opportunity to spend a day as guests of the team away from the Rehabilitation Centres.

True Heroes Racing aims to continue to expand and offer further opportunities going forward. Currently operating as a voluntary organisation there is a n aspiration to grow into an organisation that could offer paid employment for UK military Veterans, helping to turn the lives around of those who are struggling since leaving the military and who are suffering from the lack of a strong military family around them. To do this True Heroes Racing needs to continue to work with our existing sponsors, like Team Ethos and those companies that support it, as well as developing new corporate relationships and securing a sustainable funding future.

Quote from Phil Spencer, Founder & Team Principle, True Heroes Racing

Support in all forms from our sponsors enables True Heroes Racing to exist and offer the unique opportunities it does to Wounded, Injured & Sick UK Service personnel and Veterans. Over the last 7 years we have proven the direct involvement and sense of purpose provided by being a member of a team involved in the high adrenaline sport of motorcycle racing provides the beneficiaries a real positive experience to aid their recovery. Being immersed back amongst a team made up of like-minded people with UK Military backgrounds provides a family link regularly missed by Veterans, some of whom have had that situation forced upon them overnight and without any warning due to the injuries they have sustained. The ambitions of the team and opportunities we could offer are almost boundless, but only held back by the financial requirements of committing to further expansion. 

Below are some videos that give great visual insight into True Heroes Racing and our activities which support from Team Ethos assists us with doing:

Adrian Flux Insurance – British Superbikes: The True Heroes

Oxford Products/Pinlock/HJC Helmets – True Heroes Racing

Laguna Motorcycles – True Heroes Racing Talk About Their Love For Being Part Of The Team