What do you do with 64 units and nine brigades representing the army’s fighting division and all wanting to compete but still in semi lockdown? The answer is you stage the Warrior Games, the competition devised for units of 3UK Division to put to the test military and physical skills and to finally present the prestigious Iron Trophy to the winning team.

Starting with a total of 64 teams it was down to just 23, each with 10 competitors, that reached the finals played out on 10 June.

So, all broadcast over Zoom, it was the GOC, Maj Gen Mike Elvis, that opened the day and set these 230 competitors off to battle through a series of gruelling physical tests and produce the winners. Although a big change from the normal finale that culminates with shooting on the Bulford Ranges it was nevertheless a pitched battle and again sponsored and supported by Qioptiq and Heckler & Koch through Team Army. This association between Team Army and the division has endured over many years and provides cash prizes to help foster unit sport, challenge and adventure.

With the places finalised and to round off the day it was left to reward the winners with their prizes. Appearing on screen it was Craig Taylor from Qioptiq in north Wales and Ryan Pottinger from Heckler & Koch in Nottingham that each ‘presented’ oversized cheques to the QOH and 5 Rifles respectively for the runners-up before the GOC presented the winning cheque and trophy to the Royal Lancers as the 2021 champions.