Team Forces is excited to announce that Danny Flack has joined our team as Director of Social Impact. Danny will help us plan, scale and promote our increasing social impact and develop our reporting of the objective benefits and return on investment for our supporters. With a background in UK public sector acquisition and tendering he has worked with HMG and companies of all sizes.

Creating this new position was a natural progression from producing our first ever Impact Report in December 2021. This report was subsequently analysed by Day One People to show the aggregated contribution of our projects against the Cabinet Office Social Value Themes, Outcomes and Model Award Criteria. Little did we know that so clearly illustrating what we have done to deliver positive social value on behalf of our sponsors and donors would have such an encouraging response from our supporters!

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland CBE – CEO Team Forces/Team Army said, ‘I am delighted to welcome Danny to Team Forces as he takes the lead in this increasingly important area. We know that supporting our impact projects will be a key feature for our sponsors in helping them to win and retain UK Government business and Danny will be our lead in offering them our “Social Value as a Service”’.

Danny Flack, Director of Social Impact, Team Forces stated, ‘The pandemic presented the UK with huge challenges, but also created fantastic opportunities for the Public and Private sectors to work together and supercharge the Social Value that contracts and programmes deliver. Team Forces is a catalyst for collaboration and collective action and will deliver real benefits to those that participate – especially our people. Many thanks to Team Forces for having me on the bus.’

About Team Forces/Team Army

Team Forces/ Team Army helps to fund a worldwide range of competitive sports that are played in the forces as well as various adaptive sport initiatives used to aid rehabilitation and recovery for mental and physical injury. With the creation of our ‘good causes fund’ in 2019, we have also increasingly been supporting unique events and expeditions such as Polar Preet’s record breaking solo trek to the South Pole and the Talisker Rowing challenge as well as worthy groups and initiatives such as the Ulysses Trust and Climbing Out.