Climbing Out courses give military veterans the tools they need to manage their own mental wellbeing … and help them learn how to be happy again. Team Forces is proud to be helping this inspirational organisation deliver life changing courses to our military personnel and Veterans.

Climbing Out has just held its final course for 2022 in the Lake District, the five day programme was a mixed course attended by personnel from the armed forces (using the last of the grant money from Team Forces to fund their places), NHS staff and several members of the emergency services.

Kelda Wood MBE, Founder of Climbing Out commented:  ‘We’re very aware about the impact the programmes can have, but last week surpassed all expectations. Many of the participants had complex PTSD and had received several other forms of counselling or therapy that had had little or no impact on their recovery. To see the growth and development of these individuals last week was both emotional, powerful, and made the Climbing Out team incredibly proud. Thank you yet again for making this all possible. And we’re looking forward to what we can do together in 2023.’

Climbing Out has opened my eyes and allowed me to see the potential I have and the purpose my life can have once more.

The table leg sessions have given me the foundations to rebuild my life and to become the person I was. I feel empowered to believe in myself and in doing so be better placed to support those I love. To use a cliche, the programme has opened a door that had been locked for some time. You have not only given me the key, but the determination to see what is on the other side.

The final day of the programme brought a huge mix of emotions and although a difficult one for me, it was the perfect ending for the week. I became very emotional during the ‘word giving’ task, I think it’s fair to say that activity hit me like a tonne of bricks! It was amazing to hear that people see me as the person I want to be, not as the person I have felt these last few years. It was such an empowering feeling and demonstrated to me that I do have worth.

The programme was fantastic, but made all the better by the way in which it was delivered. I cannot express in words my gratitude about how welcomed, nurtured and supported I felt through the week.

Feedback from Climbing Out Course held in the Lake District - October 2022

About Climbing Out

Climbing Out offers outdoor activity programmes aimed at rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and motivation in people who have been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma.

There are three layers to their programmes. They combine outdoor activities with mental resilience coaching whilst building long term friendships and support. This gives participants the tools to manage themselves, helping them to deal with not just what’s happened in the past or what they’re going through right now, but also any challenges they may face in the future. Climbing Out is passionate about developing people to have the tools so they can manage their own mental wellbeing, take responsibility for their lives moving forwards and fulfil their potential.

Climbing Out courses will give military veterans the tools they need to manage their own mental wellbeing … and help them learn how to be happy again.

Kelda Wood MBE, Founder of Climbing Out said, “Thank you so much for choosing to support Climbing Out. Every single penny will go to changing people’s lives – providing them with the tools to manage their mental wellbeing and move their lives forward. The grant from Team Forces will help us offer invaluable support to many members of the Armed Forces. We are really grateful for the support.”

Huge thank you to our Team Forces sponsors for contributing to the Good Causes Fund.

Without their generous support, life-changing courses like this would not happen.