Team Forces is pleased to announce that one of our Bronze supporters, Salesforce, has just renewed as a Silver level sponsor! Their increased support will help to fund even more activities to improve health, wellbeing and recovery in the Armed Forces community.

Salesforce will be proudly supporting a range of Armed Forces sports including equestrian, rugby and rowing. In addition they will be donating to the Team Forces ‘good causes fund’ which offers grants to groups and communities wishing to undertake challenging, adventurous activities to help armed forces personnel, including WIS veterans.

Salesforce is also supporting Captain Preet Chandi MBE (Polar Preet) on her record breaking solo trek across Antarctica as well as Women in Defence which will be announcing this year’s award winners later this month. Salesforce’s motto, ‘bringing people together changes everything’ truly resonates with our own mission to create wellbeing through sport, challenge and adventure.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s No1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. CRM is not widely understood in the MOD (yet) but is an essential part of the Defence and wider industry. To help, think of an object such as a platform, a place, or a person, then CRM enables organisations and in particular militaries to generate a ‘whole force approach. This is achieved by pulling together Teams across defence who previously were unable to connect with each other, or know one another, were working on similar interests from major projects, intelligence or logistics. This is achieved via the underlying CRM platform.


Salesforce is part of a wider organisation that also owns Slack, Mulesoft, Tableau, and much more.

I am delighted that Salesforce has decided to renew as a Silver sponsor. Their increased investment, particularly in our good causes fund, is a strong sign of putting social responsibility at the forefront of their company values.

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland

CEO, Team Forces