On 5th March 2024, four intrepid RAF Regiment Gunners: Sgt Phil Angus, Sgt Dan Martin, Cpl Justin Wallace & Cpl Gary Binns arrived in Jolly Harbour, Antigua after rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for 61 days 19 hours and 13 minutes! Team Forces is very proud to have supported ‘Atlantic Rocks’ on their incredible expedition.

After two years of planning and training, Atlantic Rocks has successfully completed the C-MAP Atlantic Dash, a 3,200-mile challenging pursuit starting from Rubicon Marina in Lanzarote.  The expedition put their physical fitness and mental resilience to the ultimate test. The team overcame significant obstacles during their journey such as, equipment failure, water leaks, vast fields of sargassum seaweed which impeded their progress, high seas and stormy weather conditions. Throughout they demonstrated remarkable adaptability. One such situation involved the loss of power from their reserve generators which forced the team to hand-steer and manually navigate during daylight hours to conserve solar energy. This approach allowed them to use digital navigation systems at night powered by solar energy accumulated during the day.

Their trusty boat ‘Sentinel’ – a 29ft purpose-built ocean rowing boat with two sleeping compartments – was their world for over two months. Their rowing routine of two hourly rotations was brutal, especially when you consider that during the rest period there were still a myriad of tasks to complete in addition to eating and sleeping. They had to wash salt residue and sweat off clothes which was really important to avoid unnecessary injuries and infections. They also allocated some time to make potable water using the onboard desalination unit which used reverse osmosis to convert sea water to potable water – achieved by the sea water being pumped at high pressure against a semi permeable membrane to force some water particles through, whilst the salt can’t fit. This process also filters out bacteria making it safe to drink!

The team also raised money for five fantastic charities in the process, The Centurion Fund, The Veterans Charity, Mental Health Research UK, Tough Enough to Care and SSAFA. If you would like to make a donation visit their Just Giving page – they have already transferred £18k out to the charities but are still collecting.


The Atlantic Dash ocean rowing regatta is one of the toughest endurance events in the world:


  • The team rowed in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes during the crossing.
  • In areas the ocean can be up to 8,605m deep.
  • Rowers can battle waves up to 60ft high.
  • Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees.
  • Rowers can expect to burn in excess of 4,500 calories per day.
  • At the half way point you are closer to someone in space than on land.
  • The fastest Crew of 4 to row across the South Atlantic was achieved in 29 Days, 15 Hours.
  • Rowers will loose between 8-12kg of body weight during the crossing.
  • More people have climbed mount Everest than have rowed across an ocean.


Skipper – Sergeant Phil ‘Gus’ Angus

Our Skipper on the boat, Gus has currently served for 17 years in the RAF Regiment. A 3-time veteran of Afghanistan and tours of the Middle East. When not deployed Gus could often be found on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace during his early career whilst serving on the Queens Colour Squadron, it was here that he forged his friendships with Dan. He currently enjoys supporting and shaping RAF recruits through basic training as a Phase 1 Instructor and it was here where he built his relationship with Gary. He was driven to complete the row to raise money for Mental Health Research, having lost his uncle-in-law in 2019 after a long-suffering battle with mental health.

Rower – Sergeant Dan Martin

Dan has currently served for 21 years in the RAF Regiment. A 2-time veteran of Iraq, 3 time veteran of Afghanistan and other tours in the middle east. Dan’s early years in the Regiment was spent on the Queens Colour Squadron. Dan was adamant to complete the task to raise money for his charity ‘Tough Enough To Care’ which is a mental health charity specialising in men’s mental health. Sometimes the normal man you see on the street smiling away … does need help. Dan wants to raise awareness of the charity and persuade men that its ok to speak up and ask for help.

Rower – Corporal Gary ‘Binnsy’ Binns

Binnsy is our lead organiser who started this endeavour and put the team together. He has served 19 years in the RAF Regiment. He has conducted multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. On completion of his basic training, he qualified as a military parachutist. He currently trains the military reservist for joining their trade units. A keen sports person who loves a challenge that pushes his body to new limits.

Rower – Corporal Justin ‘Wally’ Wallace

Wally joined the RAF Regiment in Nov 05. After completion of TG Trg in May 06, he was posted to 2 Sqn where he served for a total of 10 years and passed Pre-Para Selection Course. Whilst serving on 2 sqn, he Deployed to Afghanistan multiple times as part of FP and MERT. He also deployed to Iraq and Cyprus. In Nov 2015, he moved to RAF Benson to the FP Flight where his duties were to train the RAF Puma force for their Per-Deployment Training. After 4 years at RAF Benson, he moved to RAF Halton in Nov 2019 to instruct on the Transferee and Re-joiners Course (TARC). In Nov 2022, he moved to RAF Odiham to the FP Flight where he is currently training the RAF Chinook Force for their Per-Deployment training. He has also passed his Sere B Instructor course. Wally undertook this challenge to test his mental and physical capabilities as he has known many that have lost their lives to mental health.

Project Officer – Flt Lt Aimee Martin

Aimee has served for 15 years, joining the RAF in 2008 as a Mechanical Transport Driver, she commissioned as a Provost Officer in 2020. She has completed tours in The Falklands, Afghanistan, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Cyprus. Aimee met most of the team members when she was based at RAF Halton in 2017, training phase one recruits. Aimee was keen to get involved with this challenging event to best support the team throughout their endeavours and to assist in raising money for the 5 charities to enhance wider perspectives of the amazing work they each carry out.

Project Officer – Flying Officer Fran Tilley

Fran joined the RAF in 2019 as an RAF Police non-commissioned officer prior to commissioning as a Provost Officer in 2021. Whilst on hold prior to her specialist trade training, Fran was part of a small team that organised and participated in a Sqn wide 24-hour Charity rugby event that raised money for 4 charities. It was whilst she was on her hold that she forged her friendship with Aimee who also helped organise and participate in the charity event. This invaluable experience was utilised in assisting the Atlantic Rocks team.