Research Innovations Inc. (RII) joins the team

Team Forces is delighted to announce that Research Innovations Inc. (RII) is supporting us on our joint mission to create wellbeing through sport and physical activity for our armed forces personnel. RII’s belief in the power of government-industry relationships and in ‘doing things worth doing’ strongly aligns with Team Forces’ core values.

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland, CEO Team Forces commented, ‘We are extremely pleased to welcome RII as our newest Bronze member. Their support of activities to improve health, wellbeing and recovery will help achieve social impact in the Armed Forces community. Together, we will help the best to get better.’

Ben Schleis, RII’s Director of UK Operations said, ‘RII has worked with defence organisations globally for many years and we are a strong supporter of the British Armed Forces. One-third of the RII team are veterans and we’re thrilled to join Team Forces to play a part in helping improve the wellbeing of those who serve in our allied and partner militaries.’

As part of their sponsorship, RII will be proudly supporting a range of sports and activities in the armed forces including AF Winter Sports. In addition they will be donating to the Team Forces ‘good causes’ fund which offers grants to groups and communities wishing to undertake challenging, adventurous activities to help armed forces personnel, including WIS veterans.

About Research Innovations

Research Innovations Inc. (RII) supports critical defence, intelligence, and cyber customers across the U.S. Government and with select international customers. RII is a leader in Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) efforts with its cutting-edge solutions, rapidly delivering transformative technology to customers and end-users to achieve its core purpose of “Creating RIIdiculously Awesome® solutions that make the world safer.”