Team Forces Social Value Impact Report 2023

Team Forces is proud to announce its third Social Impact Report (SIR) for 2023 which covers the continued development of our collective contribution to the UK Government’s social value themes and objectives. Social Value underpins UK Government’s (HMG’s) sustainability and prosperity goals where suppliers that are successful in winning HMG contracts must demonstrate how they are the catalyst for Return on Investment (RoI) for the Crown, UK taxpayers and all citizens.

This Team Forces Social Value Impact Report provides objective evidence of how we are operating as a Scale-Up organisation in the UK Defence & Security sector, super-charged by the incredible and incremental support of existing and new sponsors. The report reflects on Team Forces achievements in 2023 and, for the first time, takes a forward looking view of our goals for 2024 & 25. Our post-covid pivot to a public commitment to support social impact through sport, challenge and charity partners, has future-proofed Team Forces – in hindsight the pandemic was a crisis-opportunity. More importantly, this pivot allows Team Forces to scale the Social Impact portfolio significantly to the benefit of beneficiaries, sponsors and our team.

Last year 23 Team Forces Social Impact Projects sustained and improved the breadth and depth of contribution across all 5 Cabinet Office Themes & 24 Model Award Criteria (MACs). These results would not have been possible without the collaboration and support received from our SME partners (Centimany & Day 1 People). Together we are developing a better understanding of Team Forces’ contribution across the Social Value Model and we continue to support our sponsors in realising true value from their investment through our Social Value as-a-Service (SVaaS). Team Forces future growth is predicated on successful collaboration. Hence, we are fostering public, private partnerships in the delivery of outcomes that inspire and motivate us all. Our evolution would not have been possible without increased support from our sponsors and pro-bono contributors.


Our Impact Report can be viewed above or you can click here to download the pdf version.

Our Mission is to promote excellence and help the forces’ sporting talent to succeed by supporting grassroots activity, as well as encouraging and assisting our elite athletes to compete at the highest level. We also support those who are recovering from wounds or illness to take part in events which help them move beyond their disability, regain confidence and recapture their zest for life. Since we started in 2011 the trustees have donated over £13m to this cause and we have an ongoing and exciting programme of support planned for the future.