Down on the Range

On a sunny day at the historic Bisley ranges, nearly 60 wounded and disabled shooters gathered for the annual adaptive competition hosted by the National Rifle Association.

The many veterans exhibited enthusiastic competition and great camaraderie. They fired a mix of old and new weapons, demonstrating remarkable marksmanship and resilience. The atmosphere was electric as competitors, united by their experiences, shared stories of perseverance between rounds, further strengthening their bonds. A strong presence encouraged by BLESMA has only served to grow this event year on year.

Team Forces again brought the sponsors Heckler & Koch, who showcased an array of the latest weapons, and Qioptiq, with their cutting-edge optical sights and image sensors which were enthusiastically viewed by many of the participants. It is thanks to the sponsors that the costs are defrayed and all were able to enjoy a thoroughly well supported day of shooting and hospitality.

The event wasn’t just a display of skill but a celebration of strength and community, highlighting the unyielding spirit of these exceptional individuals. The Bisley ranges, renowned for their history, witnessed another inspiring chapter as these remarkable shooters showcased their determination and skill.

The National Rifle Association of the UK is the National Governing Body for Fullbore shooting in the UK. It supports a large number of disciplines and as a UK Charity exists to promote target shooting throughout the United Kingdom.