Working with you

Our approach is to fully understand the business objectives of each sponsor and the outcomes you seek.

Based on your level of investment, we then develop a bespoke package that will meet those objectives, with results that can be measured in terms of:

  • brand exposure through logo placement and generic promotion;
  • stakeholder engagement;
  • advertising in events programmes and sports association media;
  • invitations to attend sporting¬†events
    PR value through brand association and event media coverage;
  • meeting corporate social responsibility targets; and
  • staff development through engagement with forces personnel.

Forces sports and activities range from high media interest, national level disciplines to minority interest activities, with proportionate requirements for funding. Some sports already have long-term sponsorship deals, while others have existed on very little financial support. We provide a sensitive balance that accommodates commercial objectives while supporting all activities.

What next?

Message to arrange a meeting so we can better understand your objectives in joining the scheme. Our team can then advise on the benefits of each sponsorship level and provide an illustration of the opportunities available at the time of enquiry. We will provide a tailored package backed by sound business justification to support your internal approvals process.

Team Forces has provided us unique opportunities to engage with a wide spread of our key defence stakeholders. It has delivered tangible benefits by helping to build key relationships at the highest level and joint understanding for collaborative working at a critical time.

Defence Lead

Government & Defence, Trend Micro

What Levels?

As a member of Team Forces, you will be supporting sport, challenge and adventure across the armed forces community.

As a headline sponsor you will have a direct association with a sport, supporting the officials and teams with opportunities for brand placement on clothing and equipment, advertising and employee engagement. The opportunity for headline sponsorships are limited and normally only platinum and gold members can secure headline sponsorships of high profile sports.

As a secondary sponsor you will have a direct association with a sport, and be offered a range of benefits, however your brand profile will be less pronounced than the headline sponsor.

Four levels of membership (depending on requirements) PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.

In practice, each membership portfolio will have bespoke elements based on sponsor preference and available capacity. It will describe the alignment with your selected sports and list the opportunities for brand placement/ promotion and advertising as well as providing details of invitations to sporting events.

Team Forces also offers a number of additional benefits depending on your profile and level of investment.