Team Army support 61st Army Tug of War Competition

Team Army and the Royal British Legion were proud to support the 61st Army Tug of War  (ATOWA) Outdoor Competition that took place on Wednesday 5 June 2013. Tug of War continues to thrive in the British Army and the Army Tug of War Association (ATOWA) holds two major competitions a year, as well as running Men’s and Ladies’ teams who compete in national leagues and international competitions. This year a total of 8 units entered the competition, fielding 31 teams in 7 weight categories, including men’s, women’s and mixed teams. This year’s competition was kindly hosted by Lt Col MJG Rimmer RA at Thorney Island and thanks go also to Sgt J Costello RA and his logistic team for setting up the competition.

Honours went to 22 Signal Regiment, 19th Regt Royal Artillery, 1st Regt Royal Horse Artillery who each won in 2 categories, and the 4th Regt Royal Artillery who won the men’s 640kg category.

 If you are interested in sponsoring any of the Army level Tug of War teams, please contact Team Army at