What we do

Team Forces delivers social impact across the armed forces community through the power of sport, challenge and adventure. Our initiatives improve health, wellbeing and recovery by promoting excellence, equality and inclusion. 

Our Armed Forces do a great deal on our behalf. In order to protect our interests and our way of life, we frequently ask these brave men and women to risk their lives in extreme circumstances, both at home and abroad. When called upon they do their duty with great courage and professionalism. We wish to return the favour by collectively showing our nation’s gratitude and encouraging tangible support for our forces, veterans and their families.

However, taking part is often expensive and in some cases, beyond the means of our people. We conduct fundraising, attract sponsorship and make financial grants to help to make these activities more accessible by reducing the costs of participation. We promote excellence as well as grassroots activity. We also support those who are recovering from wounds or illness to take part in activities which help them move beyond their disability, regain confidence and recapture their zest for life.

Below are just a few reasons why we continue to help the best get better.

Why not subscribe to our new Team Forces podcast where you can join our wonderful host Heledd Kendrick as she talks to members of the armed forces who are doing extraordinary things, using challenge and adventure to help push their boundaries, both physically and mentally.

Our first guest is Sam Cox, who is currently attempting a record breaking 2000km solo Antarctic crossing.