How to apply for funding

The flow chart will help determine if we are able to support your funding objectives. Whether through the help of sponsorship, a charitable grant or a combination, will depend partly on your type of organisation, its aspirations and appeal to both industry partners and trustees.

Applications for a charitable grant are particularly successful where the physical activity serves a wider, greater purpose: to inspire, to support mental health and well-being, to increase diversity and inclusivity, to help “levelling up” to those where inequality of opportunity may exist.

You may also find the link to our ‘frequently asked questions’ helps with your decision making.



Who is eligible to apply for a Team Forces Grant?

The Foundation is able to make grants that further its mission in supporting Forces sport, challenge and adventure. Today this is restricted to applications by sports associations and unions recognised by the MoD, disabled/adaptive sports and military expeditions/challenges.

Will individual sports be compelled to raise money through Team Forces?

No. It is the choice of each sport whether to raise sponsorship through Team Forces or not. However, if a sport decides to join the scheme it does not make sense to make independent approaches to industry as this would quickly become unmanageable and dilute the overall Team Forces proposition.


Would my sport/event appeal to sponsors?

If your sport/event offers an organisation the opportunity to promote their brand to both service personnel and/or the public, place adverts in relevant literature, publicise their products or the opportunity to attend networking events then sponsorship may be an option for acquiring additional funding through membership of the Team Forces sponsorship scheme. In the first instance please contact to discuss your requirement and the opportunity. Should it prove suitable, we will help you develop your proposition and market it on your behalf.

I have existing sponsors, how will becoming a Team Forces sponsor affect my relationship with them?

We will accept you into the Team Forces scheme if you have the capacity to support additional sponsors. Whilst we would encourage you to consider discussing the Team Forces option with your existing sponsors it is not a requirement and we would fully respect any existing arrangements.


How often can I apply for a grant?

Currently you can make one application per year. In exceptional circumstances this restriction can be waived.

When are the grants made?

The Team Forces Foundation issues grants twice a year, in May and November. In exceptional circumstances interim grants may be made.

Do I need to do anything in return for the grant?

As part of their role the charity’s trustees must monitor how their grants are used. As such we ask that you write and tell us how the funds were spent and the benefits that resulted. Be aware that we cannot make additional grants without this key feedback.

In addition we will ask you to sign a non-exclusive licence agreement that gives Team Forces your permission to promote or report on your sports activities through its various media channels. In return for this Team Forces will pay you a fee. This fee is routinely set at 10% of the funds you are requesting. The remaining 90% will be issued via the Foundation as a grant.

The Charity

What is Team Forces?

Team Forces represents the collective appeal of sport in the armed forces. The Team Forces Foundation is our registered charity. Through this brand, we aim to increase the opportunity for sport, challenge and adventure, encourage excellence and aid recovery. The scheme was developed in response to a number of factors:

  • The threat to public funding in the current economic climate.
  • The inherent inefficiencies involved in each sport making its own sponsorship deals.
  • The reputational risk implicit in sponsorship arrangements that are dependent on bi lateral relationships between specific senior military personnel and Industry.
  • The untapped opportunities in “showcasing” forces sports for fundraising purposes.
  • The need to move away from the reliance on key individuals to develop enduring sponsor relationships (given the inherent staff churn in the Services).
  • Team Forces encompasses the activities of two separate legal entities that together comprise the Team Forces brand, 1) The Team Forces Foundation – a public facing registered charity that aims to establish an enduring financial platform to help sustain forces sport. It benefits from an annual donation from Team Forces Funding Limited and direct donations, making funds available to forces & corps sport through grants. and 2) Team Forces Funding Ltd (trading as “Team Army” & “Team Forces”) – the not for profit trading company that markets forces sport to industry.

Who are the Trustees of Team Forces?

The Trustees are a mix of serving senior officers, ex-service and industry personnel.