Butchers Bike Challenge

Former Welsh Marine Nigel Thomas is saddling up for the challenge of a charity ride the length of the UK to raise money for 4 charities (including Team Army) that support injured troops — on an old butcher’s bike.

Having already completed 130 miles on the same bike back in September 2013, the plan for his latest ride is to cycle the 874 miles in 13 days (from Aug 18th – 30th 2014), sleeping outdoors and only entering buildings for food and charging of a tracking system (no cheating) and mobile telephone.

Land’s End to John o’ Groats is the traversal of the whole length of the island of Great Britain between two extremities; in the southwest and northeast.

Nigel’s butcher’s bike dates back to the 1940’s and is heavy, lacks good stopping power and is single speed!

For more information visit https://www.butchersbikechallenge.org.uk