“Giving serving members of the British Army the opportunity to participate in Motorsport.”  This is the mission in which BAMA strives for on a daily basis.

The British Army Race Car Team over the last season has shown that with great effort this mission can be achieved to a greater level than ever envisaged before. With a huge increase of personnel taking part and keen to get involved in the Sports Car discipline of Motorsport from many different Corps though out the Army we are now getting to a point in which Motorsport is becoming the main front line sport to take part in regardless of rank.

The support from everyone has played a vital role in this which has helped all of the team members in providing welfare, morale and operational effectiveness. This sport is not just about jumping in a car and going hell for leather, it also provides key aspects to a soldiers development in their careers as it encourages leaders to think clearly, confidently and positively when under pressure.

This in turn is a winning combination for the culture and ethos that inspires hunger for success in everything that we do as a soldier on a daily basis.

To that note, from all the team here at the British Army Race Car Team we would personally like to give a big thank you to Team Army for all their support over the last few years, without this help we would not be where we are today and we greatly appreciate everything you and all your other supporters have done for us.

Sgt Sean Leese

If it wasn’t for the generous donations from Team Army I wouldn’t be able to follow my passion of motorsport whilst representing the British Army at a Tri-Service level. Their commitment and understanding runs very smoothly alongside the British Armys own core values and standards. A wonderful partnership I hope to see continued for the foreseeable future.

LCpl Mark White

Having been a member of the British Army Race Car Team for the past four years I have been competing at Tri-Service level, it has been a privilege and an honour and something I could not have done without Team Army’s support.

As with anything though things are subject to finances, fortunately for myself and all others involved with the team we have been very lucky to secure funding from Team Army. This has a massive impact on the team as a whole and allows us to continue to represent the British Army in Motorsports.

Sgt Darren Smee