Week 8 – Crossing Antarctica, A 1000 miles alone – 98% Complete, only 19 miles to go!

Team Army is proud to be sponsoring Lou on this epic quest. This is the eighth week of the expedition in his own words:

Dec 21st – Day 49 in Antarctica. Seven weeks without rest, skiing between 11-12 hours a day. Lou has another good day and makes 22.2 nautical miles. Strong wind and spindrifts whip up as he begins to descend off the edge of the Polar plateau, towards the Transantarctic mountains…  >>READ MORE>>

Dec 22nd – Day 50 in Antarctica. Rough going today, Lou struggles on through bad visibility, strong winds and low temperatures with around -30 wind chill. Lou catches breaks through lulls in the wind as he starts to come down off the Polar plateau. Lou’s mind turns to food as he rolls up his fifth ten-day food bag, having achieved 21.3 nautical miles…    >>READ MORE>>

Dec 23rd – Day 51 in Antarctica. Big day as Lou crosses 87 degrees South and punches into 86 – once he reaches 86 he’ll be at the top of the Leverett Glacier, ready to drop half a degree down to the Ross Ice Shelf. For the first time Lou sights the peaks and nunataks of the Transantarctic mountains…    >>READ MORE>>

Dec 24th – Day 52 in Antarctica. Lou wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Rough conditions for Christmas Eve as he pushes on through heavy wind and whiteout. It’s a full day of steady progress, heading towards 86 degrees South and closing in on Leverett Glacier…    >>READ MORE>>

Dec 25th – Day 53 in Antarctica. Christmas Day. Lou is skiing in the early hours to make use of a weather gap. He gets in 14 nautical miles and stops at 0500. He then gets going again around 10am in foul weather, buffeted by strong winds, trying to keep control of his pulk. Weather clears during Lou’s last hour and the blue skies open up to provide Lou’s first close-up view of the Transantarctic mountains…    >>READ MORE>>

Dec 26th – Day 54 in Antarctica. Boxing Day. Lou congratulates American Colin O’Brady on his outstanding achievement. Lou achieves his best ever day’s distance and sounds gleeful at setting a new personal best of 24.5 nautical miles. With just 40 nm to go to the finish line, the 49-year old is clearly revelling in his own excellent progress through both heavy snow and sporadic bright sunlight. Lou plots 2 days of 20nm each and enjoys the magnificent views as he descends the Leverett Glacier… >>READ MORE>>

Dec 27th – Day 55 in Antarctica. On his penultimate day of the Spirit of Endurance expedition, Lou reflects on his journey and, in typical Rudd fashion, covers a staggering 29.3 nautical over 14 hours of skiing (another record mileage). He talks about his admiration for Colin O’Brady and his deep happiness in making it so far, so fast. But mostly he soaks up his last few days in Antarctica, knowing that this might be the last time he experiences it… >>READ MORE>>

Expedition Facts

Capt Lou Rudd MBE is attempting to become the first person in history to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica, unsupported and unassisted. He will travel for 70 days over a distance of 1,500km, from Messner to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole.

When: 1 Nov 18 to late Jan 19

Total Distance: 1,500km

Duration: 75 days

Hauling 140kg of food and equipment

No Resupplies/wind/ vehicle assistance/ outside help

Avg Temp: -30c

Calories: 6,000 per day


PRE-EXPEDITION LOGS – https://shackletonlondon.com/blogs/pre-expedition