Lou Rudd becomes first Briton to traverse Antarctica solo, unassisted and unsupported.

Lou has also set the record for the most expedition miles covered in Antarctica (3,000) and for being the only person to cross Antarctica twice. Team Army is proud to have sponsored Lou in this epic quest!

‘Team Army – Lamont Kirkland and the team there – huge thanks to them and I look forward to the Army Navy game when I return.’  Capt Lou Rudd MBE

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On 28th December 2018 at 16:21 Chilean time and 19:21 UK time, Captain Louis Rudd MBE completed his 925-mile Shackleton Spirit of Endurance expedition, 56 days after starting on November 3rd 2018. Lou is in good health and good spirits. Lou joins Colin O’Brady on the Ross Ice Shelf. They become the first two people in human history to traverse Antarctica solo, unsupported and unassisted. This is the first in a series of final blogs to summarise what Lou has experienced on the Spirit of Endurance expedition…  >>READ MORE>>

Dec 29th – Day 58 in Antarctica. At 5pm local time the ALE plane lands at Colin and Lou’s camp on the Ross Ice Shelf. Both men load their pulks and settle in for the flight back to basecamp at Union Glacier. Once there they’ll take on as much food as they can, soak up the relative comfort and make final preparations before flying onward to South America. This is the end of their journey across the frozen continent – their long-awaited return to civilisation. Lou wraps up with a few more thank yous and acknowledgements…  >>READ MORE>>

Expedition Facts

Capt Lou Rudd MBE is attempting to become the first person in history to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica, unsupported and unassisted. He will travel for 70 days over a distance of 1,500km, from Messner to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole.

When: 1 Nov 18 to Dec 28th

Total Distance: 1,500km

Duration: 56 days

Hauling 140kg of food and equipment

No Resupplies/wind/ vehicle assistance/ outside help

Avg Temp: -30c

Calories: 6,000 per day


PRE-EXPEDITION LOGS – https://shackletonlondon.com/blogs/pre-expedition