Team Forces is delighted to announce that Climbing Out has been chosen by our Trustees to receive a grant to support military participants attending their courses. Climbing Out offers outdoor activity programmes aimed at rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and motivation in people who have been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma.

There are three layers to their programmes. They combine outdoor activities with mental resilience coaching whilst building long term friendships and support. This gives participants the tools to manage themselves, helping them to deal with not just what’s happened in the past or what they’re going through right now, but also any challenges they may face in the future. Climbing Out is passionate about developing people to have the tools so they can manage their own mental wellbeing, take responsibility for their lives moving forwards and fulfil their potential.

Climbing Out courses will give military veterans the tools they need to manage their own mental wellbeing … and help them learn how to be happy again.

Kelda Wood MBE, Founder of Climbing Out said, “Thank you so much for choosing to support Climbing Out, it’s fantastic for us to be taking our first steps with Team Forces. Every single penny will go to changing people’s lives – providing them with the tools to manage their mental wellbeing and move their lives forward. The grant from Team Forces will help us offer invaluable support to many members of the Armed Forces. We are really grateful for the support.”

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland, CEO Team Forces commented, “We are very pleased to announce our support for Climbing Out as they deliver programmes which help our veterans to deal with mental or physical wellbeing issues. The activities run by Climbing Out will assist in rebuilding lives by providing the inspirational goals that help veterans move beyond their disability, regain confidence and recapture their zest for life.”

Case Studies from a recent Climbing Out course for military veterans:


“I now have a new sense of life. I feel alive again. The dark is now at bay and the light is in my hands. Thank you for giving me a second chance in life.”

Neil (an amputee) suffered from night terrors, sleep problems and PTSD. He’d got into the habit of lying in bed all day and then not sleeping at night. He was obsessed with cleaning.

On the programme he set the goal to swim at least four times a week with his children and to get up by 9am every morning other than on a Sunday. He also planned to meet up with friends at least once a month. Two weeks after completing the programme, he said he felt like a new person. He was doing all the things he’d put in place and his mental well being had improved dramatically as a result.


“The time with Climbing Out has brought me peace of mind. My past is now my past. I had a problem, I’ve worked on it and I’M MOVING ON.”

Sean suffered from complex mental health problems including agoraphobia and had tried to take his life on several occasions. He was very much stuck in the past and defined by his PTSD, unable to leave the house and having spent months just looking at the 4 walls of his room.

Shaun had a complete turn around on the programme and the tools provided enabled him to start taking control of his future. He set the goal of starting to walk two to three hours a day at least three times a week. He also planned to walk through the shopping centre by the end of the following week, something he’d been unable to do for months.


“I am aware that the course isn’t the end of my recovery, but [it’s] a solid foundation for the beginning!”

Kev suffered from suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and stress. “This course has probably been the best tool in helping me with my recovery. The activities and the classes went hand in hand and slowly but surely over the course of the week we had been given the tools to continue with our ongoing recovery.”