With a grant from our Good Causes Fund, Climbing Out has just delivered a life changing five day course specifically tailored to military veterans. The programme, which was held in a remote area of North Wales, combined mental resilience coaching with outdoor activities and the social aspect of bringing people together who’ve been through shared experiences.

Participants were given and shown how to use a box of tools to help them manage their own mental well being. The outdoor activities, mental resilience coaching and the network of friendship and support all came together to create a life changing event.

There was some very positive feedback from those on the course, which you can see below, but Ken’s in particular stood out and shows the huge value that Climbing Out offers to those suffering with their mental health …. “Having explored various routes towards restoring my mental health, I had grown weary of new approaches. I was sceptical about coming on the course for a variety of reasons, but I can honestly say it’s been the best and most significant step in my efforts in finding hope of a positive outcome. I will be forever grateful for having an environment that allowed me to be vulnerable, without judgement, and speak some of my deepest and quietest truths. It was only in giving voice to my internal demons that, for the first time, I feel I may be able to conquer [them].”

Kelda Wood, MBE, Founder of Climbing Out stated, “We had an incredible five days and took the guys climbing, abseiling, paddling, open water swimming, walking and scrambling … but the most impactful part of the week was without doubt the mental resilience coaching and the friendships developed between members of the group.”

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland, CEO Team Forces commented, “We are so pleased to hear about the successful outcome of Climbing Out’s first course tailored to help our veterans deal with mental or physical wellbeing issues. These courses are life changing for those who attend and help rebuild lives by providing inspirational goals that help veterans recapture their zest for life.”

All participants are now members of the Climbing Out family and four have already signed up for their Level 2 programme and ambassadors weekend running later this year.


“The programme has shown me that I have inner strength and can have a lovely, happy future if I use the tools to say goodbye to the past”


“Thank you for giving me a break from the noise of my life so I can see a way to a better me”


“The week has been a break and a stepping stone in my path to recovery. It’s showed me that change is possible and that I can still do things that make me happy”

Jamie R

“These 5 days have proved to me that I CAN have fun, I CAN express emotion and I CAN achieve more. I haven’t GOT to live in the past, I GET to live in my future”


“Through adversity to the stars”


“I feel I’ve been supported to clear the path ahead of me. My mind is now clear and I know what I need to do next”

Jamie D

“The programme has given me a feeling of freedom after feeling lost and smothered by the past. It’s helped me remember a part of myself I thought I’d lost and open me up to the possibilities and joy in life”


“Climbing Out is truly a breath of fresh air to my mind and soul and has got me to a new starting line in life”


About Climbing Out

Climbing Out offers outdoor activity programmes aimed at rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and motivation in people who have been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma.

There are three layers to their programmes. They combine outdoor activities with mental resilience coaching whilst building long term friendships and support. This gives participants the tools to manage themselves, helping them to deal with not just what’s happened in the past or what they’re going through right now, but also any challenges they may face in the future. Climbing Out is passionate about developing people to have the tools so they can manage their own mental wellbeing, take responsibility for their lives moving forwards and fulfil their potential.

Climbing Out courses will give military veterans the tools they need to manage their own mental wellbeing … and help them learn how to be happy again.

Kelda Wood MBE, Founder of Climbing Out said, “Thank you so much for choosing to support Climbing Out, it’s fantastic for us to be taking our first steps with Team Forces. Every single penny will go to changing people’s lives – providing them with the tools to manage their mental wellbeing and move their lives forward. The grant from Team Forces will help us offer invaluable support to many members of the Armed Forces. We are really grateful for the support.”

Huge thank you to our Team Forces sponsors for contributing to the Good Causes Fund.

Without their generous support, life-changing courses like this would not happen.