Team Forces is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with The Ulysses Trust, a charity which provides funding assistance to challenging expeditions and adventurous activities involving members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces and Cadet Forces of the UK.

The UK’s Cadet Forces are highly regarded youth organisations involving over 130,000 young people in the UK. Since 1992 the Ulysses Trust has provided over £3.5 million, to help over 40,000 young people from all backgrounds to participate in over 2,980 expeditions around the world.

Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland CBE, CEO of Team Forces stated, ‘I am delighted to open a partnership with the Ulysses Trust. Their mission to provide life changing adventures for disadvantaged young people will extend the range of opportunities for our sponsors and donors to contribute positive social value in our society. I am sure that together, we can increase the number of young people who will benefit from this wonderful programme.’

The Chairman of the Ulysses Trust, AVM Nick Kurth, said, ’The Trust is delighted to be working with Team Forces, as we have so much common ground. I see great opportunity for both organisations that will undoubtedly benefit a range of young people – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds’.

Team Forces is keen to support the Ulysses Trust’s commitment to help address the limits that social exclusion and deprivation place on the lives of young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Of the overall secondary school population, more than 12% is in receipt of Free School Meals; in 2019 over 21% of Cadets participating in Ulysses Trust supported expeditions – almost double the national average – received Free School Meals.

The COVID pandemic severely disrupted Cadet activity throughout the UK and the effects are still being felt. This has limited the unique opportunities for personal growth for young people afforded by their involvement with the Cadets, and their development as future leaders and contributors to their communities and their country.

The Ulysses Trust, and Team Forces are now on a joint mission to generate more financial support for Cadet units to help revitalise the available opportunities for young people to attend challenging and exciting expeditions.



“Providing quality training for our volunteers is key to their wellbeing and confidence, the more we offer and support the more we tend to get back in return.””

Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Air Training Corps

“This expedition allowed me to gain confidence in myself... During the expedition I learnt that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was and that even when my brain and body think I can’t do any more I’m able to keep going. Now every time I face problems in life I think back to France and how if I could get through each day then, then I can get through anything now.”

Daisy (17) – Matravers Combined Cadet Force – overseas expedition feedback.

“After over year of lockdown, this adventure certainly did put our name out there. Showing that we're active and undertaking activities certainly boosts our recruitment. The morale of the unit has significantly increased.”

Air Training Corps Exercise Summit Adventure leader

“Morale was certainly increased and there is a growing number of officer cadets interested in sailing and the positive impact of this expedition will only serve to increase interest.”

Wales University Officers’ Training Corps (UOTC)

“After being unable to go anywhere, the expeditions provided cadets with the opportunity to positively get out, enjoy the outdoors and work with others. For some, this was their first experience of camping and trekking. As a consequence, multiple DofE Awards have been achieved across all three levels.”

Ex Artemis – (Longbenton) Squadron RAF Air Corps

About The Ulysses Trust

Their mission: ‘To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.’

Born out of a ground-breaking attempt in 1992 by the Territorial Army to achieve the first British winter ascent of Mt Everest, the Ulysses Trust provides essential financial support, advice and encouragement to the Reserve and Cadet Forces of the UK to undertake challenging and adventurous expeditions. These expeditions have a significant impact on individual development, unit morale and community cohesion, but are not funded by the public purse.

Funded activities can range from sailing in the Solent to climbing Everest. Grants are made to support some 100 adventurous training activities, benefitting around 2,000 participants every year. Expeditions are not holidays for young people. They provide character building challenges and are a powerful tool for recruiting new cadets. Moreover, young people from very different backgrounds sharing challenges and hardship together means expeditions are among the most effective vehicles to help social mobility, cohesion and inclusion.

If your organisation would like to be involved in this amazing social value project

please contact Team Forces for more information.