Over the last 12 years the Team Army Sports Foundation has been proudly delivering social value to our armed forces. Originally set up to fund Army sport, our reach has increased considerably over the years and now encompasses all three services and military related social impact programmes, as well as funding challenging and adventurous activities. Our initiatives improve health, wellbeing and recovery by promoting excellence, equality and inclusion.

For these reasons and because we now support far more than just sporting endeavour, the charitable element of our organisation has been renamed from The Team Army Sports Foundation to the Team Forces Foundation.

The Team Forces Foundation is governed by a board of trustees, made up of senior serving officers and senior industrialists, each with a broad knowledge of forces activities and the challenges they face. The trustees breadth of experience allows them to assess the needs and requirements of each activity and to distribute funds quickly, equitably and accurately.

Team Forces raises funds in order to deliver social impact across the armed forces community through the power of sport, challenge and adventure. These activities are critical to the moral, motivation, health and wellbeing of our forces and can provide a rewarding, transformative experience while promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Team Forces is endorsed by the MoD and delivered by Team Forces Funding Ltd in collaboration with the Team Forces Foundation (charity number 1144004).

Team Forces Funding Ltd is registered in England and Wales, number 07455308. Registered office: Lime Cottage, Tisbury Row, Salisbury, SP3 6RZ, United Kingdom