The latest round of the Armed Forces Rally Championship took place in  the Scottish Borders over the weekend of 31st May – 1st June 2013.  This was the third event in the Team’s 2013 Championship.

The Armed Forces Rally Team (ARFT)  took part in two events, which are held on  tarmac on public roads, the Landrover Rally and the Reivers Rally.  In the Reivers Rally 5 members of the Service crew had an opportunity to taste the action as co-drivers.  The ARFT put in a strong strong performance with Major Alan Paramore  and co-driver Lt Col James Sunderland finishing overall first in class.  However they were pushed all the way by CPL Gari Hazelby and SAC(T) Rob Birch.

The ARFT is a Combined Services team operating under BAMA (British Army Motorsports Association). Team Army supports BAMA and the ARFT along with its sponsors Babcock, Jankel and NP Aerospace.

This year the ARFT is competing in 9 rallies throughout the year and offers a wide range of branding and advertising opportunities to sponsors.

BAMA also runs a number of 4 wheel teams, including Racing cars and Karting; and 2 wheel teams including Endro, Trials and road racing.

If you are interested in sponsoring BAMA and/or the ARFT, please contact us