Team Army supported the Army’s  first ever entry into the Isle of Man Grand Prix in 2013.

This year the British Army Motorsports Association (BAMA)  entered a team of 2 riders into the iconic Grand Prix on the occasion of its 90th anniversary and contested the newcomers race and the Supertwin/Minitwin class race.

Both riders had fresh built machines for the event with SSgt Rob Chisholm RAMC (4 Armd Med Regt) racing an ER650 supertwin and Bdr Jay Markham RHA (1RHA) aboard an SV650 Minitwin. 

The Manx Grand Prix is a gruelling race of 151 miles around the small island in the Irish sea, and brings its own unique challenges. Training on the island is limited, so both SSgt Chisolm and Bdr Markham spent hours training rather unconventionally on the Playstation and the Xbox, before heading off to the Isle of Man for the newcomers weekend in February to encounter the real thing.

By the time the race came around in August 2013, both men were prepared for the challenge ahead. After a number of days training, the race was held on 28 August. The race went smoothly and, despite a 30 second time penalty for Bdr Jay Markham, he achieved a very respectable 7th place and a lap time of 104.98. SSgt Rob Chisholm also took a good position at 14th place with a 96 mph lap time as he came into the finish in Douglas.

Despite less clement weather the following day resulting in a delayed start time, a restart and an reduced number of laps, the supertwin race for Bdr Jay Markham was also successful, coming in at 21st place, gaining a 2nd replica for finishing within 10% of the winners time.

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